Barriers Come Down | 3. Mother

Summary: It became something that they couldn’t avoid — letting their guard down against their will.

Notes: A series of multi-genre ficlets centered on the growing bond of a mismatched crime-fighting duo. Initiated on 23 January 2014.

III: Mother
[Written on 12/5/2014; 432 words]

“Hey, hey! Luce~!”

“… Mmm… ?”

“Gah… come on, Luce, you aren’t even listening!”

“H-hey, I need to—!”

“Study later, will ya’?”


“She’s pretty obsessed with flowers.”

“… Why do you say that?”

“I mean, look,” Sandor jabs a finger, copper eyes widening as he extends his neck to get a closer look. “Flowers, flowers, flowers, more flowers… it’s like every flippin’ picture of her has flowers in it.”


“… Come again?”

An exasperated groan. “I mean… what do you think our lives’ll be like in the future? Geez… don’t tell me you’ve never thought about that.


“Nah, you probably haven’t. Considering all you do every day is study and ogle at—”


“O-okay, ok— ow! OKAY— OUCH! OKAY! I’m sorry! Forget I said anything!”


“You’re going to have to ask my dad about that,” Zion gives an absent-minded reply, sifting idly through the photos. “He’s quite the expert on ‘your mother used to’s’.”

Sandor nods wordlessly — a startling deviation from his usual demeanour — as he wonders how many more dads like Zion’s even exist in the world.


“You wanna be with him, don’t you?”

“… Yes… But…”

“Luce, you can’t just ‘but’ around when you want something. Just go for it. Follow your heart, you know.”

“… Yeah…”


“Mening— whut?”

Meningitis,” Zion enunciates with exaggerated clarity, breathing a sigh. “It’s caused by an inflammation of the spinal cord—”

“Ooookay, can we stop talking in Zionspeak and go back to English ‘cuz I’m kinda lost right now.”


“After college, I’m gonna get married.”

“… ?”

“I’m gonna get married, and you are too. And then, we’re gonna have kids and when we meet up again, we’re gonna introduce them to each other—”

As Deborah chants on, Lucinda lets a soft smile sneak onto her lips.

“… and our kids are gonna be best friends!”



“H-huh?” He snaps out of his reverie. “… S’up?”

“Have you ever,” he pauses, his throat feeling dry, “… wondered what your mother could be doing right now?”

“…. Who knows,” Sandor shuffles away, tone laced with a sudden brusqueness. “Maybe she hooked up with another jackass, I’unno, or maybe she got run over by a car or someth—”

“Stop it,” the brunet snaps, feeling mildly disgusted. “You’re giving me a headache.”

“…. Sorry,” his companion whispers, before slipping into a bout of silence — one that is enough to send a pang of guilt rippling through Zion’s heart. He is about to apologize in turn—


“… Yes?”

“Can we…”


“Can we… stop talking about moms now?”

“… Alright.”


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