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The Experiment

Notes: A oneshot dedicated to my husbando, Len, who is also one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever had. Happy 17th birthday!

[Written on 6/9/2014]

“Hey… Kouhei.”


A pregnant silence follows as Takato angles his head, lapsing into a brief bout of contemplation while his eyes drift idly over the features of his best friend. 

“Dude, what–?”

“S’that a real rose?”

Kouhei looks at his friend, incredulous.

Takato slowly lifts a finger, solid gaze unwavering. “Your ‘eye‘,” he enunciates.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Of course it’s–!”

Without warning, the golden-haired boy arches forward from his seat, and Kouhei reels as a stark sense of alarm leaks freely from his features — one that slowly evolves into a simmering petulance. “W-what the heck are you–?”

He stutters to a halt as Takato leans closer, green eyes wide and unrelenting. His features are but mere inches from his own, and as their diminishing proximity teeters on the precipice of non-existence, Kouhei finds the palpitations within his chest scaling rapidly up the frequency chart.

“T-Takato– you–“


What follows is nothing but a clueless, single-eyed blink.

“Hmmm,” Takato muses, cupping his chin as he draws back. “It does kinda’ smell like one.” 


When Time Flees

[Written on 3/9/2014]

Drowning, drowning, drowning,

Floundering helplessly within the suffocating sea of sands,

You thrash your way up as lungs constrict, and the air forms blades that lodge in your throat,

Up, up, along the sleek, sloping figure of the hourglass,

Grappling futilely with the fear that latches on your weight,

Wrestling with your obtuse sense of time as what is left of your essence drip–drip–drip

… drips away, and melds with the eerie sands whose individual grains whisper death threats upon you in impeccable synchronicity — a chorus of malice.

you can swear you hear them, you swear it

you’re not mad, and you’re sane enough to know that–

Your time is leaking.

And the seconds burst into flames and the minutes combust,

And the ashes dance mockingly between your toes, heckling your folly as their silent taunts fade into the malevolent symphony.

The hours scatter and the days break free from the orbit that once held them captive to your asinine indulgences and material pleas,

Where oh where have they gone — you wonder as the fragments multiply, revolving around your forlorn existence at a manic velocity–

and it’s when the final piece breaks when you hear a faint crack in your soul…

Who knew a crack would herald the coming of oblivion?