The Experiment

Notes: A oneshot dedicated to my husbando, Len, who is also one of the most loyal friends I’ve ever had. Happy 17th birthday!

[Written on 6/9/2014]

“Hey… Kouhei.”


A pregnant silence follows as Takato angles his head, lapsing into a brief bout of contemplation while his eyes drift idly over the features of his best friend. 

“Dude, what–?”

“S’that a real rose?”

Kouhei looks at his friend, incredulous.

Takato slowly lifts a finger, solid gaze unwavering. “Your ‘eye‘,” he enunciates.

“What’s that supposed to mean? Of course it’s–!”

Without warning, the golden-haired boy arches forward from his seat, and Kouhei reels as a stark sense of alarm leaks freely from his features — one that slowly evolves into a simmering petulance. “W-what the heck are you–?”

He stutters to a halt as Takato leans closer, green eyes wide and unrelenting. His features are but mere inches from his own, and as their diminishing proximity teeters on the precipice of non-existence, Kouhei finds the palpitations within his chest scaling rapidly up the frequency chart.

“T-Takato– you–“


What follows is nothing but a clueless, single-eyed blink.

“Hmmm,” Takato muses, cupping his chin as he draws back. “It does kinda’ smell like one.” 


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