Genre Blender Writing Challenge | ‘Slumdog paladin’

Genre: Magic realism

Style: Profile story

Subject: Ezekiel Emerson, a seventeen-year-old meta-bounty hunter who prefers to go by his self-conferred alias, ‘Zion’.

In an age rife with crime of supernatural proportions, an adolescent boy joins the ever-growing slew of crime-stomping bounty hunters endowed with Psyches… forsaking a lifetime’s worth of quality education and the model youth’s ideal path to the shining career.

In mid-20xx, former elite high-school debater Ezekiel Emerson (who now goes by the handle ‘Zion’) made an unforeseen departure from the province of learning, choosing instead to pursue the harsh, risk-laden life of combating Psyche-endowed criminals — all at the mere age of seventeen. Gifted with a unique power of his own, he stated that it would’ve been wiser to ‘put it to good use’, as opposed to piling hope on the copious burdens of his single, working father.

“I can’t say for certain that this is the life I truly wanted, but at that point in time, it was the most viable option there was, given both my own circumstances and the state of the city.”

Born on a dreary, November day in the suburban settlement of Rhema Falls, the novice meta-hunter spent two years nuzzled against the bosom of a bright, young woman whose glowing visage he would no longer remember for all the years to come. Deborah Landon poured out every last ounce of care and compassion that was left to muster into the years spent with her second son before falling victim to a fatal case of meningitis — one that ultimately took her life. Zion would then spend the rest of his childhood in the company of his father, a modest clockmaker by the name of Nathan Emerson, and his older brother Theodore.

[to be continued]


3 thoughts on “Genre Blender Writing Challenge | ‘Slumdog paladin’

    1. YOU’RE MAKING ME BLUSH SO HARD WITH THAT COMMENT >///< thanks so much ;-; I was meaning to make this longer but yeah, it kinda bored me toward the end so I stopped. XD (Also, welcome to WordPress! :* Looking forward to seeing more of WTWK and Blackout on here <3)

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