the parting | 1. [shedding my shadows]

“You’re the light;

I’m the shadow on the wall where you sleep–“

– Takahiro Morita, ONE OK ROCK (‘Good Goodbye‘)

[Written on 12/2/2015]

In the night, a rustle emerges, and a silhouette weaves through the veil of nocturnal grey
leaving nothing in his tracks but a creased, crumpled note
and remnants of feelings grounded to dust, dissolving through the gaps of the fine, fine silence — framed within a paper-thin forlornness
forming words in the shadows and melodies unsung
good goodbye, they retreat into the darkened corners, bidding—
good goodbye
and that is all that fills the great, gaping, bleeding vacancy he’s left behind
a convergence of the shadows he once bathed in, slumbered in, lived in, died in
and his final act is to tear it to pieces, scattering them over the resigned whispers of good goodbye he’s left milling aimlessly about, wishing for nothing but oblivion.

It’s the only gift he’s certain he would love.

— the farewell of Sandor Mothwing


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