checkmate II for the forfax league

[Written on 31/8/2017]

there is a void in

all of us.

graphite mines lodged anemically in

between- –spider-fog and hexical spumes off lim – inal 

chimneys ; all jeweled across–

–our spinal rungs.

death to constellations that have wished
all the more ; all the fairer

fairyland’s a myth, you know it’s
just a rabbit’s worth of shimmer-dung —
faux-prettily cloaked in the blood of
morpheus : third doppelganger down the Moirean avenue – – all stilted like…the radio-bellied, carbon-eyed lamppost we saw once–

there is a ____ in

all of us ?   )

in all of


smuggle valor out a pawn shop.
all the knights you can swallow
all the rooks you can cram like a midnight Messianic catch
into the cranial sepulcher – – yours and mine,

and we’ll

erase the lowly lead with the Queen
the black-hole graves with the beheaded King
we have to
we have to

or It’ll come for us – – the _______

run from 

ch    ec kmat     e …


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