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[Written on 6/5/2017]

and I say,
{ cue the records, green-stroked reams
deadman sheen to frame it all – –
fire the accountamorphous fusillade of gallows
to the adolescent-hologram that molders
in omnipresent hiding – –
contrivance of secular tellers – -de|serves;  to r-ot
insideoutside in upov er…

: signal re-engaging, re-enchanting
:// i spend shallow-days on fruitless end – –

…i spend shallow-days on fruitless end

incubating cheap orbits
in the empty, saturnesque spine of my pen.

i plant planetarium saplings where the caverns don’t flaunt
platitudes in bashful violet / / malign crimson
all razor-trimmed and dolly-edged
will the stars at long last

be my name

…I can’t say for certain
no foolproof dictum in the now or the ever swarms
to come.

just null me.

where the crowns don’t shine.
and the manacles align.
– – another faulty-again to join them all.